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Fully Trained and Insured Employees

Workers Compensation:   Compliance

General Liability:  $5,000,000

Fidelity Bond:  $5,000

WHMIS:  Compliance

HACCP:  Certified

NFPA: Certified


Computerized Telephone Timekeeping System

We are one of the first companies in this area to install a computerized timekeeping system.  This state of the art system requires all employees to clock In and Out of your building(s) using a app on their smart telephone with GPS tracking.

The system helps ensure accurate timekeeping and attendance.  It will automatically alert a supervisor in the event of absenteeism.  Supervision inspections will also be tracked. The end result is a higher level of quality and consistency at your facility.

Quality Control

  • Trained Personnel
  • Inspection Reports available

5A Paulander Drive,

Kitchener, ON N2M 5B6

Toll Free: 888-540-1706

Facsimile: 519-745-0813

Email:  info@kitchenec.com

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Fully Trained and Insured Employees